Monday, May 23, 2022

The DownSide To Quiet Quitting A Job

Let's talk about what happens when someone quits a job versus quietly qutting a job and the implications of each. 

When quitting a job, you are actively moving from one company to another, with the idea that the new job is a better in some way. 

When quietly quitting a job, you passively slow down work with your currently company with no action towards moving to another role or company. Rather, you physically stay in your current position with your current company while mentally and emotionally you leave. 

In one scenario where you actively leave a job you are taking charge with a decision you plan to better your situation financially, emotionally or physically whereas in the latter example you're are suffering in your current role in silence. 

Which scenario would you prefer to be in? 

To learn more about my thoughts on the down side of quietly quitting, check out the video below. 

Friday, May 20, 2022

Quiet Quitting: A New Phenomenon or Not?

 Quietly quitting a job? ... 

Does this mean I just quit my job without telling my manager or team? Well, this is what some are led to believe by the name, however, "quiet quitters" are people that simply stay in their current job, unhappily. 

What do I mean when I say this? 

Let's say I am in a role that I don't like for one reason or another. Perhaps I'm bored, overworked, under appreciated or overlooked. Well, one day I decide that instead of being emotionally invested into the job and caring so much about things like how people see me, goign above and beyond for my clients or customers and potentially getting a promotion... I just decide to do only my job duties and nothing else. 

What might this look like in real life? I'm not motivated to join company or team events, I avoid taking on additional work or projects outside of my scope, in no scneario do I go above 40 hours a week, even when it's needed. 

Essentially, I do everything I need to do in a role not to be immediately fired. 

This is quietly quitting. It is physically being present at work, however, emotionally or mentally being checked out. 

For more details about quiet quitting, check out the videos below. 

Overall, quiet quitting has been more common in 2022 and recent years due to changes in the working environments. Is it right or wrong. Longterm, it's not great, however, people have always and likely will always have a transition period of time when they don't officially want to quit their job. In this case, a person stays in a role or coasts through to continue making an income without the motivation to stay. 

Quietly quitting will typically lead to a person actually quitting their job eventually or being terminated. 

What are your thoughts on quiet quitting?