Thursday, February 11, 2021

How Do You Prepare For A Virtual or Video Interview? - Recruiter's Tips!

So you've been successful in landing a job interview with an amazing company. That is great news! 

There's just one thing, it's a virtual interview and you've never had to interview via video before. Ugh! 

You're wondering how to best prepare for this type of interview, right? Well you've come to the right place. I'm here to share my tips, as a corporate recruiter, on how to leave a great impression and get the job during your virtual job interview. 

#1 Check Out The Technology

Zoom, Microsoft Teams, maybe an internal system, whatever will be used for the meeting, you need to check it out and ideally have a mock interview using the technology. You can even do a simple test run to get comfortable with the technology (camera setting, how to start the meetings, etc). 

Give yourself the time to check things out so that you feel better prepared for your interview. What you do not want to do is test it out 10 minutes right before your interview (this happens often). Why is this a no-no? If there is an issue, you will not have the time to figure it out and may even get more nervous which is no good! You will also take away some of your time to interview if the issue cannot be fixed quickly.  

#2 Look Clean and Professional and We Feel Good 

Grooming hair, nails, skin is very important when you are on video! The camera highlight everything.  The interviewer will be able to see your face and hair very well so you should take the care and time to look well groomed. Also, you want to be fully dressed and in professional attire for the interview. Please do not only dress up the top half of your body (find out why in the video above). And lastly, find a spot in your home with good lighting so the interviewer can see you well. 

#3 No Distractions

Your background (basically everything behind you within the video frame) should be simple. Ideally a blank wall, or at least a space without very distracting things around like colorful, bright artwork, graphics, posters, etc. 

And of course you want to be in a place where it is quiet. This is both a benefit for you and the interviewer. Think about what happens during an important meeting and someone (maybe your child) comes to you with questions ... it distracts you right? Well you don't want any distractions because you want to be fully focused to present yourself and answer questions at the best of your ability. 

#4 Be Well Prepared 

How you prepare for a virtual interview should be just like any other interview at the end of the day. Prepare beforehand by having your resume, do your research about the job and the company, have notes with specific examples of why you are the best match for the role and lastly be sure to have some great questions to ask the interviewer to show your high level of interest. This will also help you determine if the job is really a good match for you. You need to know that in order to be confident in accepting an offer to join the company!  

Good luck on your interviews and remember I'm here for you!  


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