Sunday, December 13, 2020

2 Side Hustle Ideas That You Can Do With Out Any Start Up Cost!

You Need to Try These Side Hustles TODAY! 

Hi Friends! 

I've taken a bit of a hiatus from the blog. However, I have been sharing regularly on my YouTube channel remote job opportunities, tips for landing a job and ways of generating income outside of the 9-5. 

Today, I want to highlight two side hustle ideas that I've also shared on my platform. I have done both side hustles and been paid multiple times by them - so I can verify that both are LEGIT. Which is the most important thing, right? No one wants to be scammed during a time when they are just trying to make a better income for themselves and their family. 

So maybe you're between jobs right now, looking for additional income to pay off debt or invest - whatever the case - you will not be disappointed with these. 

#1. Apartment Mystery Shopping 

I'm sure you've heard about mystery shopping, right? Ok, well unless you've been living under a rock, you've seen folks brag about how they get paid to shop - what a dream! Well my hang-up with trying out mystery shopping was that I did not want to be scammed. Imagine, you spend your money under the premise that you're get paid back plus more afterward. I know it happens, but I questioned, so I found a company that will pay you to mystery shop apartments! 

How can this be real? Well, EPMS (Ellis Partners in Management Solutions) get paid to train lensing agents and apart of that training it you! You act as a "shopper" and submit a report on your experience. Even better, you have some shops that are virtual and there are bonuses and other extras depending on the apartment shop. Find out more in the video above or by clicking heree.  

#2. Be An Online Contributor 

Want to get paid to share your knowledge or perspective on a topic you're passionate about? Well you can actually do this. Yes, I am being serious. I've been sharing my knowledge on HR, Recruiting and Diversity at work for this company called, Currnt. It's a great platform that offers many benefits, even beyond the pay! I like the networking and knowledge share and you can directly impact Currnt's customers. Who are the customers you ask? Their customers include Deloitte, Johnson & Johnson and other large, global firms. Check out the video above or by clicking this link to find out more!  

Well there you have it! Two side hustles to try out ASAP. There's nothing to lose so be sure to check them out and come back here when you make that cash! I want to hear about it! 

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