Sunday, November 3, 2019

Apartment Mystery Shopping With Ellis Partners in Management Solutions (EPMS)

Hi Folks! I have to share this awesome side hustle opportunity with you. There's a company called, Ellis Partners in Management Solutions (EPMS for short) headquartered out of Dallas, Texas. The company is focused on providing training to leasing professionals, resident surveys, etc. The company is completely legitimate which I was extremely happy to see. 

Why Do I Like It?

1. Easy and Quick to Get Started 

You can sign up quickly online by visiting their website and submitting a few details. You'll get your profile set up and start finding shops (apartments) quickly so you can get to work and get paid. 

2. Direct Deposit Offered

You can connect your bank account to get your payment easily. What's not to love about that right? 

3. Get Paid Monthly 

I was paid on the 22nd of every month for the shops I completed within a certain time frame. 

4. No Money Needed to Get Started 

Unlike many other mystery shopping companies, there is absolutely no money you need to spend in order to complete the work. Of course you will need to pay for transportation to get to the shop, however, you're not spending money to buy things to shop then hoping to get a reimbursement later. 

5. Anyone Can Do This Job

It's so easy to do this. There is no special training needed, although there is training offered and tips provided from EPMS. If you are able to communicate well with people, have transportation to get to the shops, and are able to just not disclose or make it obvious that you're a mystery shopper then you are all set. 

What Will You Need? 

1. Phone

Because you will need to call the shop of course. Landline, mobile, Skype... it doesn't matter what type of phone.

2. Photo ID 

When you visit an apartment for a viewing, you will need to show your id in most cases.

3. Recorder

 You need to be able to record your phone calls and apartment visits to recall what happened when completing your report. You can use another phone, ipad, recorder, etc. 

4. Computer and Internet 

You'll need to find the shop and submit your report online through the website. 

5. Transportation

You'll need a way of getting to the shop of course. However, I do recommend choosing a shop that's fairly close to you.  

So How Do You Get Paid? 

1. Find a Shop

Visit the site and find a shop near you. Check out the information about the apartment location, completion deadline and all of the shop requirements. You can assign the shop directly or reach out to a representative to assign a shop for you. 

2. Call the Shop

You should call the shop you've chosen asap. I would normally call during the morning or early afternoon because it's easier to catch leasing agents in the office. You'll want to record the conversation so that you can report on it. During the call you will schedule a site visit. 

3. Visit Shop

When you visit the shop you want to pick a time that is within the completion deadline and when the agent you spoke with is available, because you will continue the report about them. Be sure to record the visit to recall some details. 

4. Gather Materials 

In order to complete the report online you will absolutely need to get a business card from the agent and submit a photo. You should also submit brochures, handouts or photos you've taken of the property. 

5. Submit The Report

You'll need to submit a report soon after you visit the shop. I say this for a few reasons, but mainly you want to do this because you'll remember things easily and you'll be able to complete the shop within the appointed deadline. And get paid.  

Well there you have it! Here's info you need to get you started with a very easy side hustle that anyone can do to rack up an extra couple of hundred dollars each week/month. 

Let me know your thoughts! 

Jessica Krystal 
(Pretty Little Career Guide) 

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