Monday, August 26, 2019

3 Reasons You Should Join LinkedIn Today!

It always surprises me when I meet someone that is searching for a job and I find out that they do not have a LinkedIn profile. LinkedIn is one of the best places online to market yourself as a professional. Hiring managers, staffing agencies and corporate recruiters (like myself) are all over LinkedIn attempting to find talent for their organizations (this means you).

So what if you're not looking for a job right now? Well, I highlight three great uses for effectively engaging on LinkedIn in the video below. Check out the video and the points below and sign up for LinkedIn today!


Looking for a group of like minded professionals to talk with? Hoping to gain a mentor in your field? LinkedIn may be a great place to find someone in your network. You can also connect with past or current colleagues, top leaders, activists, and other influencers along with those that may be in an industry or company that you'd like to join. I've made over 100+ real connections and it was a major in me finding a job in just over a month following a layoff.

Promoting Your Business

Are you self employed? Do you offer professional services? LinkedIn could be a great place to market your brand and engage with potential customers. I know countless public speakers, motivational coaches, trainers and career specialists that use LinkedIn to build awareness about their services. There are also fitness instructors, beauty specialist and others that you may not expect to join this type of site and they are having a lot of success!

Connecting to New Job Opportunities

As I mentioned earlier, I'm a corporate recruiter, so of course I'm going to talk about jobs. (It's only right.) Large and small companies, organizations, universities, etc. post jobs in LinkedIn and proactively search using keywords to find and connect with people that may be a good match for various job openings. You may not even realize a better opportunity is available until someone reaches out to you directly about it. 

With all of these possibilities on one social platform, I don't know why anyone would not want to join the LinkedIn community. Try it out and let me know what you think! If you're already on the site, try thinking about other ways to connect with people there.

Your Pretty Little Career Guide,
Jessica Krystal 

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